Can't exit python with ^D under certain circumstances

wealthychef wealthychef at
Tue Dec 25 18:25:02 EST 2001

Hi, this is weird to me, don't know how to fix.
On my local python installation on machine A in a normal shell, ^
D works to exit Python as expected.  On machine B on the 
console, ^D also works fine, but if I ssh to machine B from 
machine A and try to exit Python with ^D, Python does not exit, 
instead I get the following strange error message:

>>> ^D
  File "<stdin>", line 1
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

What is printing here as a little 'c' is showing up in the terminal 
as maybe 


crammed into one character, or


I can't quite read it.  
Can anyone help me?  I'm no xmodmap dude, but i suspect 
some sort of keyboard confusion.  The two systems are different.  
Machine A is running one flavor of Unix, and machine B is 
running another, each with radically different hardware. 
Is there another way to exit Python?  Workaround?  Fix?  Thanks. 

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