Python Popularity: Questions and Comments

Dr. David J. Ritchie, Sr. djrassoc01 at
Sat Dec 29 17:57:39 CET 2001

"Dr. David J. Ritchie, Sr." wrote:

> ...I am probably on shaky
> ground here due to ignorance...

At least on topic in regard to the above anyway ;-} and somewhat
on the topic of what doex language X have that makes it more attractive (or
less attractive) than Python, I'd like to say that it almost seems like Python
is not that far away from allowing as a language feature:

from import *


from import graphics

where "" is some internet node.

It would seem that such a feature would embrace and
include as part of Python the Java capability of
incorporating classes over the net and up the ante on
the .net initiative (remember what I said
about ignorance here).

Wouldn't this go some way towards solving the problem of
encouraging more module sharing a la Perl's CPAN but in a
Python-esque way...?

Dr. David J. Ritchie, Sr.
djrassoc01 at

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