Perl-to-Python converter/translator?

Harry George hgg9140 at
Thu Feb 1 09:56:07 EST 2001

I've done some perl-->python, and found (at first) that I missed some
of the perl idioms.  So I did a python module to support perl-ish
idioms.  See "pyperl" at:

It lets you pretty much read the perl code and write the python code
on the fly.  More tedious than true converter, but do-able.  

I agree with other posters that after you get into python's own
idioms, you won't miss perl.

Lance Sloan <lsloan00 at> writes:

> I'm an experienced Perl programmer who has just been assigned
> a project that must be done in Python.  I'm looking for a
> Perl-to-Python translator to help me out.  I don't expect to
> write the whole project in Perl and translate it, though.  I'm
> just looking for some automation to help me see how my old work
> could be done in Python.
> I didn't find anything useful via Google or Vaults of Parnassus
> searches.  So, I would appreciate any pointers!
> Thanks in advance.
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