using external dll's in Python 2.0

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Wed Feb 7 08:48:51 EST 2001

Hey folk,
    I want to be able to use some 3rd party dll in a python 2.0 program I'm writing. I've searched through the message threads and came across a solution using something called calldll that was available on the parnassus(sp?) site. However, this seems to over useful for python 1.5 . After modifying the makefile script and using vc++ 6.0 I can get a calldll.pyd to be created but whenever I try to import it into my project python dies. I'm fairly new to python as well. I was hoping maybe in the win32 extension libraries there would be some info but alas no. There is LoadLibrary and GetProcAddress but seems to be no way to execute a function pointer. I really would hope I do not have to write a python extension module since there are a lot of functions in the dll's that I would like to use.

TIA, Jason
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