Some basic questions about Tkinter (and Python)

Martyn Quick mrq at
Thu Feb 8 12:38:19 EST 2001

On 7 Feb 2001, Cameron Laird wrote:

> So I guess the answer is that we don't have a
> Tkinter intro for those new to Python ...  Per-
> haps it's best to recommend that Mr. Quick
> simply buy John Grayson's book without more
> delay.

You're not the first person to recommend me this book on this
newsgroup.  Unfortunately, we don't seem to have it in the library at the
university where I work, as otherwise it would be in my hands by now.  I
know you say buy the book, but I can't afford that - perhaps you earn more
than I do?

I have a friend who is a computer programmer (and definitely earns more
than I do ;-)  who recommended that I give python a try.  He is going to
lend me his copy of a book on python on Saturday - Hammond & Robinson,
"Python Programming on Win32".  I don't know whether this has sufficient
info on Tkinter to help, but it's about the only non-online source that I
can get hold of.


Dr. Martyn Quick  (Research Fellow in Pure Mathematics)
University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham, UK.

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