Please translate this easy snip of C++ to Python

Martijn Faassen m.faassen at
Wed Feb 7 00:47:00 CET 2001

Rainer Deyke <root at> wrote:
> "Jay O'Connor" <joconnor at> wrote in message
> news:3A7ECEAB.DB6F8648 at
>> Rainer Deyke wrote:
>> > Better make that 'except None'.  Unqualified 'except' clauses are
> generally
>> > a bad idea.  In this case, you really don't want to
> catch...'ComputerExplodingError'.
>> I hadn't seen that exception raised it new?  What do you
>> usually do to handle it?

> ComputerExplodingError is one of the "hidden" exceptions of the Underground
> of Pythonic

Something must be wrong with some Usenet feed somewhere. Your post got
cut off in the middle. I suspect that this was due to

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