What to do after Python?

Cees de Groot cg at gaia.intranet.cdegroot.com
Mon Feb 19 15:12:46 EST 2001

Sheila King  <sheila at spamcop.net> said:
>I must say, that I am shocked at the number of apparent *groans* over C++
>language, in this thread.
*groan*. I learnt C++ by installing a, err, not-so-official AT&T cfront source
tape on a Xenix box and hacking away until the damn thing ran, and really did
my best to learn it. It's /not/ a real OO language. But it is sort of nice for
applying OO to low-level/system programming, and because it was meant to be
just that, it's OK. Just don't go writing apps in it (but the same holds
for C).

>I think that
>the trick, is to use a carefully selected subset of the C++ language.
Yup. And that might be workable in a classroom project, but forget it for
commercial development. Better start with a good language right away. For
teaching OO, I'd use Smalltalk. For teaching general programming, Python is a
nice choice because it is the most "neutral" language I know (neutral w.r.t.
to OO, procedural, functional). Although chances are I'd use Smalltalk
anyway :-)

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