What to do after Python?

Alex Martelli aleaxit at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 19 23:39:05 CET 2001

"Erik Max Francis" <max at alcyone.com> wrote in message
news:3A9154F1.4351E80D at alcyone.com...
> Alex Martelli wrote:
> > (HP, IBM, Dec, and Sun, at least; those were the ones we tried -- and
> > that's when I learned that Microsoft's C++ was *MUCH* cleaner, and far
> > closer to the standard, than _many_ other proprietary C++ compilers by
> > various other operating system vendors -- before then, the only C++
> > compiler I had used on Unix and Unix-like boxes was gcc, but that was
> > not supported by 'mainsoft' [if that's the right name]).
> Which is ironic, since that's the best, most Standard compliant C++
> compiler for UNIX out there.  (It certainly has some problems, but
> they're all have workarounds and are being addressed in gcc 3.0.)

I think KCC (KAI's compiler) is/was better (not sure about its status
now that Intel [?] has acquired it).  But mainsoft didn't support that
one, either.


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