[Q] how to protect python program from decompilation

Michael Hudson mwh21 at cam.ac.uk
Sun Feb 18 12:52:07 EST 2001

Leonid Gluhovsky <gleonid at actcom.co.il> writes:

> Right now we are considering the following scheme: build a Python
> with opcodes in Include/opcode.h reshuffled, and without the dis module
> in it; use this interpreter to byte compile our code; use its Tools/freeze
> to package our program into executable and ship it to customers. 
> What are the holes in this approach?  What is a better approach?

Sounds like a reasonable (effort on your part)/(effort on their part
tradeoff).  It would still probably be crackable (by statistical
analysis of byteocde of decompiling the assembly of your ceval.c), but
it would be a lot of work.


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