Python 2.1 - tokenizer fgets crash (Windows)

paul at paul at
Sat Feb 17 13:55:21 EST 2001

> You do:  "crashes" could mean anything on Windows.  What does it 
mean to
> you?  Is it dying inside MS's implementation of fgets(), in Python; 
is it a
> NULL-pointer error, an illegal instruction; etc etc.  Try it under a 
> build, if you haven't already (single-stepping can be highly 
misleading if
> you're doing that with the non-debug build).

Yes, I'm using the debug build (as I mentioned) and I have 
single-stepped down into the code. It's crashing in Microsoft's 
fgets() function. The FILE * looks correct - the only thing I can 
think of is I'm doing the fopen() in my code and it is getting used in 
the DLL. Loading files from within the DLL (using Import) work fine.

I've gotten around it for now - I'm now importing my scripts as 
modules rather than running them.

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