Easing up (client) handling of html-forms.

Andrew Markebo flognat at flognat.myip.org
Sun Feb 25 21:30:31 CET 2001

I am working on reading, posting forms (web) and so on, and wonder if
there are any work done to ease up this??

Basically what I am looking for is something to throw a html-document
into, and out comes some kind of data representation of the forms,
that can be used when wanting to post the form back to the server.. 

Assume that we threw it at hotmail.. we would do something like:

<>> document=http.get("www.hotmail.com")
<>> forms=FORMS(document)
<>> loginform=forms["passwordform"]
<>> print loginform.fields
["login", "password", "svc", "name", "RemoteDAPost"]
<>> loginform["login"]="user"
<>> loginform["password"]="pass"
# the rest of the fields in the hotmail form is with their default
<>> loginform.submit()... 

or similar.. Anyone out there doing stuff like this?? Or should I
continue to do some hack.. anyone else interested who can shout 'Go
Andy Go! :-)'


p.s. BTW Any new revolutionarizing thoughts about the prompt for
python?? I am starting to get borde by the >>>, why not turn them
around <<<? :-) 

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