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On Sun, 18 Feb 2001 03:27:19 GMT, Mindfield
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:It's really quite a loathesome little business,
:and I've never figured out why people are still stupid enough to think
:that it works, but I guess they still abide by the old motto, "There's
:no such thing as bad publicity."

It costs them next to nothing, and they must end up selling some of their
product or generating some revenue from the spam. If they didn't, the spamming
would decrease, but instead it is on the increase. Some people are stupid
enough to buy from spammers.

:Ah, but there is if you lose your ISP for violating their TOS/AUP.
:And there are plenty of people -- me, for instance -- who are
:perfectly happy to send a nice note to their ISP's abuse department.

Me, too.

Sheila King

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