python-dev summary, Jan. 16-31

Dan L. Pierson dan at
Fri Feb 9 13:57:42 EST 2001

Konrad Hinsen <hinsen at> writes:

> The fact that there are people who read neither the PEPs nor the
> summaries doesn't prove that the summaries aren't useful. I have
> always read them with much interest, since I don't have the time at
> the moment to follow the development in detail. And I would have
> shouted out loud if I had noticed a tendency that looks dangerous to
> me - it just hasn't happened.
> So personally I hope that someone will take up the job of providing
> development summaries in the future. And I'd like to thank Andrew
> for having done so for many months already.

I agree.  Thank you, Andrew,  for all of the work you've put into
creating on the consistent high spots of comp.lang.python for the
last serveral months.

One of the reasons that I haven't followed up on the python-dev stuff
as much as I should is that I'm almost exclusively working with Zope
these days and it's still stuck in 1.5.2 land.  Looking through your
window at 2.0 and 2.1 one makes me drool a lot, but I haven't got any
experience with it, just opinions.

Thanks again,

Dan Pierson

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