CPAN functionality for python

Doug Hellmann doughellmann at
Tue Feb 13 08:17:59 EST 2001

In article <mailman.982069514.23859.python-list at>, "Oleg
Broytmann" <phd at> wrote:

> On Tue, 13 Feb 2001, Doug Hellmann wrote:
>> >> Why use standard CGI? This is a perfect application for Zope, the
>> >> ZODB,
>> >
>> >    The big advatnage of CPAn is that it's distributed and has many
>> >    mirrors.
>> > Zope-based solution will be hard to mirror.
>> >
>> I don't follow that at all.  To support mirrors, the data needs to be
>> replicated from one server to another. That problem exists independant
>> of any tool.
>    What is "data" in this case?

The server is going to have to keep up with what modules are available,
and all the meta data about those modules (version, dependencies,
description, location, etc.).

That information needs to be available on all mirror sites in order for
the mirror sites to be useful.  It is not enough to mirror some web
pages, the database needs to be mirrored to support the custom client
search mechanism.


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