QuakeWorld Python 1.0

Barry Pederson bpederson at geocities.com
Mon Feb 12 22:50:43 EST 2001

Chris Gonnerman wrote:
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> From: "Barry Pederson" <bpederson at geocities.com>
> Subject: QuakeWorld Python 1.0
> > Version 1.0 includes sourcecode which builds and runs on both Windows
> > and Unix platforms, and Win32 binaries.
> Where ARE the Win32 binaries?  I downloaded the Win32 package but got no
> binaries
> (no .exe or .dll files).

Under Windows, Python uses .pyd instead of .dll for native-code

In the QWPython Win32 distribution, qwpython\qwsv.pyd is what you're
looking for.  To actually run a game, you run the ctf.py or
deathmatch.py scripts, which take care of loading the native-code
module, along with the pythonized game code (which should be covered in
the README.html file)


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