[Python-Dev] RE: Update to PEP 232

Tony J Ibbs (Tibs) tony at lsl.co.uk
Thu Feb 22 10:02:51 CET 2001

Guido responded to my points thus:
> > 1. Clarify the final statement - I seem to have the
> > impression (sorry, can't find a message to back it up)
> > that either the BDFL or Tim Peters is very against
> > anything other than the "simple" #f.a = 1# sort of
> > thing - unless I'm mischannelling (?) again.
> Agreed.

That's a relief - I obviously had "heard" right!

> > 2. Reference the thread/idea a little while back that ended
> > with #def > f(a,b) having (publish=1)# ...
> Sure, reference it.  It will never be added while I'm in charge
> though.

Well, I'd kind of assumed that, given my "memory" of the first point.
But of the schemes that won't be adopted, that's the one *I* preferred.

(my own sense of "locality" means that I would prefer to be placing
function attributes near the declaration of the function, especially
given my penchant for long docstrings which move the end of the function
off-screen. But then I haven't *used* them yet, and I assume this sort
of point has been taken into account. And anyway I definitely prefer
your sense of language design to mine).

Keep on trying not to get run over by buses, and thanks again for the
neat language,


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