Changing Fonts in IDLE-0.5

Jeff Stephens jsteve17 at
Wed Feb 14 02:51:57 CET 2001

Daniel Klein wrote:

> Jeff,
> You got me curious about this so after a minute of digging, I found two
> files, 'config-unix.txt' and 'config-win.txt' in the '/python20/tools/idle'
> (or C:\python20\tools\idle) directory. It is in these files (depending on
> your platform) where the font size can be changed.
> Hope this helps,
> Daniel Klein
> Portland OR USA

I'm running on Linux, specifically, Redhat 6.2.  I don't have either of these
files.  Here are the
files in my idle-0.5 directory:        IdleHistory.pyc
AutoExpand.pyc         IdlePrefs.pyc          TODO.txt
Bindings.pyc         MultiStatusBar.pyc     NEWS.txt               UndoDelegator.pyc
CallTips.pyc      WidgetRedirector.pyc
ChangeLog        OutputWindow.pyc       WindowList.pyc
ColorDelegator.pyc          ZoomHeight.pyc          Percolator.pyc   
Delegator.pyc        PyParse.pyc               extend.pyc
EditorWindow.pyc     PyShell.pyc            extend.txt          README.txt             help.txt
FileList.pyc       idle.bat
FormatParagraph.pyc  ScriptBinding.pyc      idle.pyw       idlever.pyc         SearchBinding.pyc
IOBinding.pyc        keydefs.pyc

Any other ideas?

> "Jeff Stephens" <jsteve17 at> wrote in message
> news:3A89A78F.C4C6B70A at
> > I am just starting out with Python and was trying to use idle, but the
> > fonts
> > are so small it's giving me a headache.  I followed the instructions in
> > the
> > help menu and tried editing the '' file to no avail. I
> > commented
> > out the first line and uncommented the second as recommended: no change.
> > I tried
> > changing the sizes of both fonts to 10, 12: no change.  The only thing I
> > can figure is
> > that idle is using some default that is not reflected by either of these
> > lines. Can someone
> > help before I go blind.  Thanks.
> >
> > Regards,
> > Jeff Stephens
> >

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