Four problems with Gordon McMillan's Installer

Dave Brueck dbrueck at
Fri Feb 2 12:24:26 EST 2001

> > Maybe there is something that can be done with your program to
> at least hide
> > the python files inside the zip file to provide at least some level of
> > security?  I dont know how others handle this for commercial apps.
> Well, this is on the to-do list for later.
> I want to do this in two stages:
> - first, use a notstandard zip-header so that winzip does
> not recognize it
> - second, maybe crypt the .pyc files in the archive somehow
> and decrypt them in the exe.
> Do you think this would be apppropriate?

Yes, that sounds like a good idea... you can use the imp/ihooks (is ihooks
obsolete?) modules to hook into the normal module importer and decrypt them
on the fly. For the zipfile you could still use a normal format but save it
to disk in a munged-up format (something simple like the rotor module would
keep most people out anyway) and then unmunge before reading it.


P.S. - I just tried the latest version of py2exe on a wxPython program and
it worked _flawlessly_ and took little time to set up and get going. Very

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