What to do after Python?

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>I am learning Python as a first language, and I have been wondering what
>is a good language to learn after Python?  I'm thinking of either going
>into C or Java but I'm not sure which one because I've heard many
>arguments either way.  Will going into Java first be any detriment to
>learning C later?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A good combination is, IMHO: Python, CommonLisp, C++ and Prolog.  From a
didactic point of view, good second languages are CommonLisp (a more powerful
Python-like language) and Java (an easier to learn C/C++ language).

Remember that there's much more to programming than just learning the syntax
of different languages. If you're new to programming, you should first learn
some basic concepts.  Good beginers books are: "Simply Scheme: Introducing
computer science" and "The Schemer's Guide".  Both use a lisp dialect called
Scheme, that should be easy to undertand (sort of Python with extra

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