2nd Python Seminar in Seoul Was a Success

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Wed Feb 7 23:01:05 CET 2001

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> John Grayson <johngrayson at home.com> writes:
> > I received a package from my publisher at Manning last night:
> > Inside was the Korean translation of Python and Tkinter Programming!
> > It is published by Infobook ISBN 89-8054-424-3.
> If people can point me at information about the Korean translations,
> I'll happily add them to the list of non-English books in the Python
> bookstore.
> --amk

There are a few Korean translations and original works as well. Below are
the book titles and original publishers, followed by the translators, Korean
publisher, and the URL of the web page for the book. (This list isn't
comprehensive but it is all I know of, AFAIK)

Python Pocket Reference, O'Reilly, translated by Kim, Tae-Sun. Hanbit Media

Learning Python, O'Reilly, translated by Lee, Kang-Sung. Hanbit Media
(The translator is the current president of Korea Python Users Group.)

Python and Tkinter Programming, Manning, translated by Ryu Jung-Wook.
(This URL includes Korean characters, which means you couldn't access the
page. In this case, follow this alternative URL of an online book store in
Korea :
1-3 )

Internet Programming with Python, (by Aaron & Guido), translated by Kwak,
Joon-Ki. Samkakhyoung. (translated in 1997 but out of print now)

About XML, (originally in Korean), Park Jae-Ho. Youngjin.
(This book is about XML but uses Python substantially)

In addition to these, there are a number of on-going works to write about
Python; moreover, I'm leading an open content project(in Korean), with
collective authorship, for writing An Introduction to Computer Programming
with Python -- it is geared towards complete newbies in computer programming
and it's in the spirit of CP4E. I hope open content projects would evolve
along with Python.

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