Install PythonWin on top of Python 2.0

Tim Peters at
Mon Feb 5 04:52:03 CET 2001

[Deja User]
>   This is a question from a new user. I recently installed the
> BeOpen Python 2.0 on my Win98 PC. Now I'd like to install the Win32
> xtension so I download "win32all-125.exe". Unfortunately, I cannot
> install it because this build insists on the presence of Python 1.5.x.

That's because 125 only knew about 1.5.x -- unfortunately, it wasn't able to
see into the future so that it could work correctly with a release of Python
that didn't yet exist <wink>.

> Now, do I have to install 1.5 so as to install PythonWin? Would the
> author of PythonWin please do us a favor to relax the version check
> in PythonWin?

Heh.  Some favor!  That would probably send your machine crashing in flames.

You simply need to get a newer version of win32all.  Look here:

The version for use with 2.0 is clearly marked.

Or you can uninstall BeOpen 2.0 and get ActiveState's 2.0 package (which
includes the Win32 extensions) instead:

    at-first-ly y'rs  - tim

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