Python 2.1 release schedule

Bill Scherer Bill.Scherer at
Tue Feb 13 17:01:07 CET 2001

Raymond Hettinger wrote:
> Jeremy Hylton wrote:
> > I updated the Python 2.1 release schedule (PEP 226):
> > <snip>
> > second beta in mid- to late-March, and aim for a final release
> > sometime in April.
> Call me superstitious, but going final on Friday, April 13th
>  in the first year of a new millineum, at tax time seems a
> trifle risky.
> RH

I disagree.  Could you imagine a better confluence of external events to
coincide with the release of a wonderful new Python?  There has to be a
balance between good and evil, right?  ;-)

William K. Scherer
Sr. Member of Applications Staff - Verizon Wireless

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