ZELP! I can't Zope!!

Ross Lazarus rerla at channing.harvard.edu
Fri Feb 16 20:32:20 CET 2001

It's been so long that I can't remember exactly what you need to do to
get the tutorial working, but I know that there are lots of places to

Start at http://www.zope.org of course. There's a site search which
might be useful. Not to mention the zope book at

I read the zope lists at egroups.com, but they're also archived at the
zope site above. 
zope at zope.org is the place to send questions like this. 
There's also zope-dev at zope.org for developer type questions.

Good luck

Dave LeBlanc wrote:
> I'll bet there's some nifty zope forum where I can get help and i'll
> be jiggered if I can figure out which of the zope mailing lists are
> appropriate for newbie zope help/questions. I figured there would be
> some zopers (zopeheads?) lurking around c.l.p and figured i'd see if I
> could get a little info on the following problem:

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