Using WITH_FREE_THREAD to avoid PyEval_AcquireThread error

btheld2 at btheld2 at
Thu Feb 1 17:42:31 EST 2001

I am having some problems with a PyEval_AcquireThread error.  I have an
extension DLL (created using SWIG).  A Python callback function in this
dll is calling a COM function.  This COM function is creating a new
Document in my MDI MFC Application.  When this occurs I get an
PyEval_AcquireThread error (Null thread?).

After digging through the code, it appears that a pre-processor
directive (WITH_FREE_THREAD) may solve this problem.  I just tried
defining this and rebuilding python, but the system cannot find

So, Is this a solution?  If not, what is?  If so, where is the
threadstate.h file?


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