To the point of defeat.....IDLE

Bryan Mongeau bryan at
Mon Feb 26 21:35:13 EST 2001

Chris Nelson wrote:

> I've tried everyhting I know to try and get IDLE to run on Red Hat Linux
> 7 with BeOpen Python 2.0
> If anyone has done this can they please tell me what they had to do in
> order to get the setup to work???
> I've even went as far as installing the Red Hat 7.1 beta and it's still
> using python 1.5.2
> I need 2.0 support with IDLE
> Please help... I'll pay whatever karma it takes

Don't despair Chris, I have been able to run IDLE and 2.0 with no problems 
on Mandrake 7.2. Perhaps the community would be able to help you more if 
you described your exact problem in greater detail.

I am running 2.0 from rpm and IDLE 0.7.1 from a tarball accessible here:

I'd be glad to help, I just don't know what your problem is!

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