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Fri Feb 9 04:25:48 CET 2001

Before I get crispied for trying to break
every security rule on the books, I am
planning on using this technique from a
locally running application only.

The set up:
I am working in an environment where my
application can be run as standalone from
CD but has no access to the users local
hard drive. I am very determined to use
the interface built already. It is critical
that the user be able to read and write
to the local drive.

Possible solution:
Have my application start a local python
simpleHTTPServer with CGI capabilities,
have a CGI prompt the user to open/save
the desired file, grab the path selected
and use CGI to open and process or write
to the file. This needs only be a simple
text file.

The specific questions:
How do you, in general, get the saveas/open
dialog to appear to the user on a Mac? on
Win? I am not necessarily looking for code.
I have spent hours scouring the web and
perusing books for an example of this so
if you have a specific link to this
functionality send it my way.

The general question:
In your expert opinions do you think this
is a viable plan?

John Andrew Morrison

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