cgi.FieldStorage() problem

Richard van de Stadt stadt at
Tue Feb 6 13:25:46 CET 2001

Erno Kuusela wrote:
> In article <3A7FC939.DAC10B75 at>, Richard van de Stadt
> <stadt at> writes:
> | calling ulimit from within the script, which should, I think, do what you
> | suggest:
> | ulimitCommand = "/usr/bin/ulimit -n 512"
> | os.system (ulimitCommand)
> that can't work. it's like trying to run os.system('/usr/bin/cd /tmp')
> to change directory. do it in the shell you start httpd from, or use
> the resource module, or something.

I don't start the httpd. It is not in my control... I've asked the
sysadmins of the server it concerns (at Purdue Univ.) to have a look at


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