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Tue Feb 6 11:39:22 CET 2001

Chris Gonnerman wrote:
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> Subject: Re: SIP
> > Sorry - documentation is the weakest aspect of SIP. The best approach
> > is to use PyQt as a working example. Feel free to ask SIP questions on
> > the PyQt/PyKDE mailing list.
> Except I know squat about QT, and as I am a GNOME user I have little
> interest.

I just meant to look at it as a good example of SIP specification files
for a variety of C++ classes. I wasn't suggesting polluting you system
by compiling it. :)

> What I am wanting to do is connect the Xbase library to Python.  Xbase is a
> dBase
> compatible C++ library.
> I am probably not qualified to do this anyway.  I have many thousands of
> lines of
> C in my history but zero C++.


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