How widespread is NIS support?

Mark C Favas mark at
Mon Feb 19 16:38:23 EST 2001

[Andrew Kuchling wonders whether the nis module will compile everywhere on Unix]

>the NIS test is smart enough to figure out if NIS is enabled, and
>skips the test if it isn't.  I'm simply concerned whether the module
>will compile everywhere.

Well, at least ithe version of nis in 2.1a2 compiles without warnings on Tru64
Unix, V4.0F with Compaq's C compiler, and does the right thing with
"make test" (since nis is installed but not running):
test test_nis skipped --  internal NIS server or client error

and when run manually:
python Lib/test/
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "Lib/test/", line 10, in ?
    raise TestFailed, msg
test_support.TestFailed: internal NIS server or client error

As mentioned in previously, nis support on this platform is in libc.

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