Python 2 for Debian?

Tim Peters at
Tue Feb 27 20:43:23 EST 2001

[Thomas Wouters]
> But who's doing the pussyfooting ? RMS ? Debian ? CNRI ? Each one is doing
> what they think is best. Note that the licence talks are still ongoing, and
> a GPL-compatible 1.6.1 was released not a few days ago.

Careful, there.  RMS has not said that 1.6.1 has a GPL-compatible license, so
even that part remains unclear (to us too).

> Python 2.0 is derived from 1.6 though, not 1.6.1, and also contains
> some BeOpen


> (and for 2.1, possibly some DC)

Nope.  DC is very generously assigning their Python IP rights to the Python
Software Foundation, which doesn't yet exist <wink>.  But until it does,
they're assigning them to Guido directly.  And despite nested scopes, I still
trust Guido.

> specific stuff, so it requires some extra attention.
> But there is still hope :)

Yes, there is.  Possibly even in our lifetimes.

although-a-lifetime-remains-too-much-to-bet-on-it-ly y'rs  - tim

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