XML Schema?

Martin von Loewis loewis at informatik.hu-berlin.de
Tue Feb 20 13:08:48 EST 2001

Harry George <hgg9140 at cola.ca.boeing.com> writes:

> So I'm looking for a low cost way to keep up.  One way is to bind to
> libraries generated by others -- that's easier done against C/C++
> libraries.  Another is to do idiomatic code conversion -- that's
> probably easier done from Java to Python.

Integrating C libraries always was one of the major strengths of
Python. I'm sure that somebody will integrate any library which would
be useful to enough people - I just doubt that Xerces is such a

Python is particularly good at integrating things that come from
different origins. So if it turns out that IBM UDDI support is great,
then somebody will wrap it. You could still ignore the SAX part if you
think it sucks; I'd personally favour the small Expat library over a
heavy C++ parser any time.


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