Embeding Jython In Java

Zamurai zamurai at gmx.net
Sat Feb 10 07:10:56 EST 2001

Just write a programm, or only a class. compile it with Jython and import it in
your Javaprogramm.

cybereal at my-deja.com wrote:
> I'm in desperate need of some wisdom on the
> subject, how do I go about distribution with my
> app? hell, how do I include it for compilation?
> Do I decompress the .jar?  Any ideas? I would
> have no problem USING it, I just don't know how
> to get it into my app; and please, I'm not stupid
> don't tell me "Import it" because that's
> obviously not my problem
> btw, you can email me direct if you have a heart
> if you send it to cybereal at hotmail dot co...
> you know
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