CPAN functionality for python

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Sun Feb 11 18:29:43 CET 2001

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>   I've created a sort of proof of concept that implements something
> similar to perl's CPAN.  Right now, it allows basic user interaction
> and should be able to download and install modules.

Sounds like what catalog-sig should have been doing.

>   At this point, I want to know whether I should continue on this. Also
> and possibly more importantly, I would like to know if there is any place
> to discuss formats for holding information about packages and other
> information.  I have some ideas floating around but would like to get
> opinons and it seems like the Catalog-SIG is inactive.  If there is enough
> positive feedback, I'll open up a project on Sourceforge and put my
> code up there.  Any comments, suggestions, or help on where to go from
> would also be appreciated.
I think the most important thing is maintaining dependencies, which becomes
trickier the more you change things. Assuming nobody ever breaks with
backward compaitibility, then at least a module should be able to specifiy
the minimum facility-level it requires in other modules. But then I don't
want to change Python into Perl!

Just my 2c-worth.


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