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Fri Feb 23 04:28:43 EST 2001

On 22-Feb-01 Tim Peters wrote:
 >  [Mikael Olofsson]
 > > I'm still upset over the fact that my Windows box at home doesn't allow
 > > me to call a directory "FTP", but changes that to "Ftp" as soon as I
 > > hit return. Perhaps there is some setting that I can change, but as a
 > > default setting it sucks, IMO.
 >  Start -> Settings -> Folder Options ... -> View
 >  [snip details]

Thanks, I knew there was a way.

 >  pure-end-users-don't-care-about-the-same-things-you-do-ly y'rs  - tim

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In this case, I consider myself an end user. I'm just brought up with
Unices and old Macs. None of those change things for me (as an end user)
without asking (at least I haven't notised any such cases). Today's M$ 
software (probably on Mac aswell as on Windows), however, always have 
default settings that automates everything that I do not want to have 
automated. You have probably tried M$ Word with all its default 
settings. It's like a freakin' disco. Hell, I want my computer to do 
what I tell it to do. If something is to be automated I want it to be 
automated only when and if I say so. 

Sigh, I probably should change to Linux... or dump my computer... I still
have my typewriter and my slide-rule somewhere

When will there be a computer that allows me to sit down and just do my
work? Not start applications, change file formats to comply with other
applications or other versions of the same application, change OS 
settings just because I need a certain application (read: help my kids 
start games that only works with 256 colors), change stupid default
settings, and all that jazz... 

I-guess-I'm-just-too-old-for-this-ly y'rs


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