COMMERCIAL: BlackAdder Windows/Linux Python GUI Development Environment

Franz GEIGER fgeiger at
Thu Feb 8 02:28:54 EST 2001

wxDesigner is such a tool, but is commercial:


"Warren Postma" <embed at> wrote in message
news:M6ee6.8725$Oe.40269 at
> Quoth phil at
> > The cunning plan continues...
> >
> > is pleased to announce the immediate >availability of
> first Beta release of BlackAdder, a
> >commercial Windows/Linux IDE for Python and the Qt
> >GUI toolkit.
> Looks interesting.  Besides this one (for QT) and Boa Constructor
> based) are there any other RAD/IDE tools are in the works that include
> integrated forms builders and syntax-highlighting editor, etc?
> I'm trying to figure out which one to contribute to the development of. So
> far I'm leaning towards Boa because of the more liberal Windows licensing
> wxWindows (free) compared to QT on Windows(generally not free).
> Warren

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