CPAN functionality for python

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Tue Feb 13 14:14:29 EST 2001

Oleg Broytmann <phd at> wrote:
>   I completeley agree that this task *can* be solved using Zope. We can
>develop data formats, protocols, etc. And I completely disagree that the
>task *should* be solved with Zope. It shouldn't.
>    Please count current mirrors of CPAN. The figure looks good, isn't it?
>This is because there are sites that provide FTP mirrors.
>   Who will agree to run Zope only to mirror CPyAN?

  It shouldn't be a problem to have both ftp and zope functionality at
the same time.  The way the code currently works is new toplevel commands
are implemented in separate modules.  The main program imports the module
and calls a function in the module which registers a top level command and
help for the command.  It wouldn't be any problem to have an ftpinstall and
zopeinstall module coexisting at the same time.  

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