Tkinter: How to remove stacking order of a widget in grid manager

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Wed Feb 7 01:31:43 CET 2001

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> Below is the code fragment:
>     # remove widget from Grid Display manager
>     for w in widget_list
>         w.grid_remove()
>     # re-ordering the widget
>     widget_list.sort( mySort)                # mySort() is not listed
>     # display widgets in new orders
>     col = range(5) row = 0 for w in widget_list:
>         for i in col:
>             w.grid( column = i, row = row)
>         row = row + 1

I think what the problem is that it has to be done
in the parent, not the child.  So if 5 things are
grid() into a widget called wid, then

wid.grid_forget() will ungrid all of the items.
By calling grid_forget on the items you want to take
out of the grid, you're unpacking their subitems
but not them.


f = Frame(parent)
b = Button(f, text="Foobar")
b.grid(row=0, col=0)

if you then want to get rid of b, you do


Hope this helps.
David Allen
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