Upgrade? Why not?

Spicklemire, Jerry Jerry.Spicklemire at IFLYATA.COM
Thu Feb 15 23:09:20 CET 2001

Mark Hudson asked?

"Have you upgraded to Python 2.0?"

no (he stammered in mortification)

"If not, why not?"

Because I'm not a sysadmin, just a lowly coder. 
It was hard enough to get Python installed and 
compiled in the first place. Even though I do 
stand up and hollar for a Zope upgrade when it 
seems absolutely essential, if Python 1.5.2 is 
good enough for the standard Zope distribution, 
then as far as I can tell, "it ain't broke."

With that out of the way, let me assure all 
that from my perspective the new developments 
sound fabulous, wonderful, and seemingly have 
the unimaginable effect of making Python even 
more perfect. I was never very good at math or 
physics, so I just tuck these little mysteries 
into the same corner as time slowing to a crawl 
at the center of a black hole. Even though I 
can't imagine how it's possible, it is such a 
kick to watch it happen. Have you folks ever 
thought of doing a time-lapse photo thingy on 
the Python development process?

Jerry S.

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