Creating a dictionary from log file records

Roy.Culley at Roy.Culley at
Fri Feb 16 10:45:04 EST 2001

I'm new to python and am trying to convert a perl script which analyses
firewall logs to python as a learning exercise.

The log files contain lines of multiple key / value pairs such as:

    interface qfe0 proto tcp src dst service smtp \
        s_port 44008 len 44 rule 7

Not all records are the same and the key / value pairs are not at
fixed positions. In perl, assuming the line is in $_, I can do:

    %Rec = split

Is there an equivalent simple way to do this with python? I've done
it by converting the data into a list and using a while loop to set
the dictionary entries. However, the log files have about 4 million
entries per day so I need something that is fast.

Any help / suggestions most appreciated.

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