Curses for Win32?

Chris Gonnerman chris.gonnerman at
Thu Feb 22 06:10:15 CET 2001

A "cursory" (hey, stop throwing things!) search of the 'net shows no Python
curses modules for
Win32.  It would be some work, but I have a Win32 port of Borland's conio.h
interface to
Python at:

and Pablo J. Vidal has a Unix port of the same thing at:

I am going to examine his work with an eye toward making them

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From: "Adam Lock" <locka at>
Subject: Curses for Win32?

> I have a Python 2.0 program that uses Tkinter and curses for display. It
> works fine on Unix because there is a curses package but not on Win32
> because there isn't. Perversely even MacPython 2.0 has a curses package!
> Does anyone know if a curses package exists for Win32? I would even be
> happy if it compiled but didn't function since I want will be using the
> Tkinter UI anyway.
> Many thanks
> --
> Adam Lock - locka at

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