Remco Gerlich scarblac at
Thu Feb 15 18:49:31 CET 2001

Ben Ocean <zope at> wrote in comp.lang.python:
> LOL! No, sorry that I misled you! I want to contact webmasters individually 
> with individualized emails and invite them to swap links. So... any ideas 
> on a script?

So, getting the emails automatically won't be much help. After all, you'll
collect many adresses from people other than the relevant webmaster, and
you'll have to look at the pages manually anyway, to decide who you should
send your request to.

Although you might make a program to find out which pages have email
adresses. If you're writing some sort of spider, check out
Tools/webchecker/ in the source distribution, a program that
checks links on a website; you might be able to adapt it.

So what's left is finding the interesting pages. That's a very hard problem,
do you have any idea how you want to decide what constitutes a web page
similar to yours? If you're looking for certain keywords, it may be easiest
to just enter them into Google...

Remco Gerlich

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