ANN: PIL 1.1.1 binaries for Windows

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Mon Feb 19 12:52:02 CET 2001

at last:

   Secret Labs now offer "official" PIL builds for Windows.
   The binary kit is based on 1.1.1, and includes JPEG and
   PNG support, optional Tkinter support, and a patch for
   PNG transparency support:

   Binary kits are available for Python 1.5.2, Python 2.0,
   and Python 2.1a2 (experimental).  The Tkinter binding
   requires Tcl/Tk 8.2.3 for the 1.5.2 versions, and 8.3.2
   for the 2.X versions.

   The patched PNG driver can be downloaded separately

the pythonware team

    "Secret Labs -- makers of fine pythonware since 1997."

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