Python/C++ interface

Michael Hudson mwh21 at
Thu Feb 1 16:23:43 EST 2001

Jay O'Connor <joconnor at> writes:

> Now.  On the C++ side, args is considered, and parsed, as a Tuple. 
> However, what I found was that a Tuple was not being passed, just a
> String.  The only time a Tuple was passed was if there was more than one
> argument.  The whole argument list would be converted to a Tuple, then.

You missed a METH_VARARGS somewhere.

> Is this an error in the documentation?  Or has the passing method
> changed between 1.5.x and 2.0 (I'm using 2.0) and the documentation is
> just out of date?
> Also,  is there a good way of printing the name of the type of a
> PyObject?

Something very like printf(ob->ob_type->tp_name).
Or print type(object).name in Python.


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