What to do after Python?

bowman bowman at montana.com
Sun Feb 18 23:05:44 CET 2001

Alex Martelli <aleaxit at yahoo.com> wrote in message
news:96p62s05r at news1.newsguy.com...
> "SQL for Smarties", for example?  And beyond that, do you understand,
> say, outer joins and why you might want to use one, the implications
> of update-propagation strategies and their interactions with integrity
> constraints, or locking and transactioning issues in typical scenarios...?

was that the left or right outer join? or the less useful, but symmetrical,
full outer join? on good days, I can even tell the difference between 2NF
and BCNF and discuss the subtle joys of update anomalies.

However, database programming still bores me utterly. Fortunately, there are
people in this world who actually seem to enjoy it, as well as business
computing. Personally, I find discussions of the uses of fuzzy logic in
anti-lock brake systems algorithms more entertaining.

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