Python20 and .pth files

Mark Hammond MarkH at
Wed Feb 14 17:12:35 EST 2001

greg Landrum wrote:

> However... one of the applications I'm working on creates Python COM
> servers which import Numeric.  These work fine when I call them from Python
> applications (so none of my unit tests broke when I upgraded to 2.0, so I
> never noticed the problem).  However, when I create one of these COM
> objects from within VB, I get an ImportError for Numeric.  After much
> shrieking and pulling of my hair (I'm giving a demo of these objects on
> Friday, so I was not pleased to discover that they were mysteriously
> broken), I worked out a solution: add c:/Python20/Numeric to my PYTHONPATH
> environment variable.  Now everything is happy.

I believe this is a problem in certain embedding situations.  Specifically, I believe it is because Python does not know its "home", so doesnt know where to load the .pth files from.

> The Question:
> Was it an accident that everything just worked before or has something
> changed?  I know old versions of Numeric used to have an installer that may
> or may not have set registry keys to help out with this problem.
> Are .pth files being deprecated so that we (the users) should start
> badgering developers who still ship modules requiring them?

I dont believe this would ever have worked.  As you suggest, it is quite possible that only new versions of Numeric have .pth files.

This is on my "to-do" list - having Python know its correct home in embedded situations would solve a few other problems too.


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