Perl-to-Python converter/translator?

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Thu Feb 1 06:15:29 CET 2001

On Wed, 31 Jan 2001 18:00:51 GMT, Lance Sloan <lsloan00 at> wrote in
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:I'm an experienced Perl programmer who has just been assigned
:a project that must be done in Python.  I'm looking for a
:Perl-to-Python translator to help me out.  I don't expect to
:write the whole project in Perl and translate it, though.  I'm
:just looking for some automation to help me see how my old work
:could be done in Python.

I've translated a single Perl script (written by someone else) to Python. If
it helps you at all, you can see it here:

I would recommend that you read through the Python Tutorial as a start, and
then look at the Library Reference. You should be able to work through the
tutorial in short order, and then browse the Library Reference on an as-needed
basis. The tutorial may seem simple, but it will get you jump started and
won't take long..

Sheila King

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