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Marc Vollmer marc.vollmer at
Wed Feb 28 02:36:09 EST 2001


but no solution, perhaps my computer don't understand me.

So, I test it with the system.ini in the c:\winnt\.

Please test it, too. Perhaps it is a windows 2k problem? I don't know, what
I still could do.

import win32ui
print k

My result is: xxx and yours?


"Werner Schiendl" <ws-news at> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
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> Marc Vollmer <marc.vollmer at> wrote in message
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> > No chance:
> >
> > I try:
> >
> > win32ui.SetProfileFileName('c:\winnt\test.ini')
> If you _really_ wrote it this way it will not work.
> The backslashes are used to escape the values.
> Use    'c:\\winnt\\test.ini'
> or    r'c:\winnt\test.ini'
> hth
> werner

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