Naming conventions for path?

Mike Müller mmueller at
Fri Feb 2 02:56:08 EST 2001

Setting up my first bigger Python program I find myself al little bit
confused with the use of path. That is, using path as a variable I don’t
exactly know what I am referring to when joining and spliting path names. I
would like to use self explaining variable names for those path parts. Lets
look an example:


The whole thing is usually referred to as path. But also the part underlined
with ---- can be addressed with path. Alternatively the whole thing can be
named filename (or any thing else if want to but I talk about conventions).

+++.*** can also be filename


+++ filenameRoot ?


*** fileExtension ?


---- directory or dir ?

Are there any conventions in Python (or any other language) that are more or
less widely used? Or should I come up with my own naming scheme and just
stay consistent throughout may project(s)?

Thanks for advise.


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