Graph (cyclic kind, not pretty picture kind) rendering algorithm?

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Mon Feb 12 03:38:04 EST 2001

Phlip wrote:
> Python for Pyros:
> Click here, then scoot down about 2 pages:
> On the left we see a Graph (a math object describing vertices connected by
> edges), and on the right's the same graph drawn with all the lengths of the
> lines balanced.
> Is there a Python library out there that can draw a graph like that? Or
> which can take a graph as an input and return XY coordinates telling where
> to place each vertice and each line?

I don't know of any, but I'd be interested if anyone else could direct
us to one, I need exactly this for a chem editor I'm building at the

Joal Heagney/AncientHart

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