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Robin Becker robin at
Thu Feb 8 05:08:51 EST 2001

In article <mailman.981603842.18070.python-list at>, Matt Fair
<matt at> writes
>Does anyone know if it is possible yet to expand the standard 14 fonts
>when generating pdfs with reportlab?  In the user manual it says that
>they are working on embedding fonts into the pdf.  What are the
>limitations to pdfs?  Are the 14 standard fonts on the clients computer
>with Acrobat?  Would there be a way to expand the fonts even though you
>could embed the fonts into the pdf (the user would require to have the
>fonts on the computer).  How accurate can you make these pdf for
>printing?  I need to make printable files that are very accurate to
>where the text is and the size and font.
so far as I know standard reportlab only allows the 14 standard fonts. A
colleague reports an extended version with japanese fonts. I'll repost
this into the reportlab-users mail list.
Robin Becker

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